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Our Bureau Services provide third party companies the opportunity to purchase data packages at wholesale prices and sell onto their own clients. This service also allows our system to be completely transformed to reflect the corporate colours and branding of the third parties.

Whether you are a media buyer, agency or multi-office estate agent, our bureau service is the perfect solution to provide our full range of services under your own brand, whilst creating an effective profit centre for your business.

Key Features

  • Purchase data at wholesale prices
  • White label our entire online data system
  • Tailored profiling and reporting
  • Perfect for media buyers and agencies
  • A perfect re-seller opportunity
  • Access to discount postage prices too
  • Fully supported by our customer service team
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    Our Core Filters Explained

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    Council Tax Band Data

    Are you an A or H (I in Wales)?

    Council Tax Band Information is sourced through the Valuation Office Agency to provide a guide to property value. The Council Tax Band is derived from an assessment of numerous property characteristics at the point of valuation and covers the entire UK housing stock (excluding Northern Ireland). For England and Scotland, properties are banded A to H and for Wales A to I.

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    Land Registry

    Property Tenure, Sales Date and Price?

    The Land Registry property sales data is updated monthly, providing information on Uk property sales including: date of sale, price, property type and tenure of each property sold. The Sales information commences from 03/04/2000 and totals approximately 11,000,000 household records to date.

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    Credit Risk?

    A postcode level classification system for filtering consumers based on the level of likely financial risk. Our financial database is built from County Court Judgement (CCJ) and Bankruptcy data aggregated to postcode level to avoid any data protection issues. Our financial database segments every neighbourhood into 7 key marketing groups covering a total of 43 financial types.

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    Single, Family, Retired?

    Household level classification system providing micro targeting based on the 3 data sets, Lifestyle Age, Lifestyle Income and Life stage. Our Lifestage information is built from ‘actual’ as opposed to ‘modelled’ data from a number of data sets, including: house price, date of birth, company directorship information and lifestyle.

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    What do they earn?

    A postcode level classification system for filtering consumers based on likely household income. Income information is built from a wealth of data, indicating both personal and household level income, including market research reports, savings, investments, shareholding, levels of part-time work, tax credits, average pension rates, etc. We segment according to 49 income types.

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    Income for investment?

    A unique postcode level classification system developed by our data partners Callcredit for filtering consumers based on shareholder activity and financial sophistication. Our Investor information is built from over 13.5 million share holder records, sourced from the share registers of the FT top 500 companies. Our Investor information segments every neighbourhood into 7 key marketing groups covering a total of 43 Investor types.

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    Actual/ Average Age

    When's your birthday?

    Actual age is available at the majority of households. Average Household age is available at the remainder and is divided into Age Bands 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65-74, 75 plus.

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    Gender & Tenure

    Rented or Owned, Male or Female?

    Tenure includes Owned, Tenanted or Social Housing Gender information is created from a number of data sources, including Electoral Roll and lifestyle questionnaires, providing a gender flag for c. 40 million records.

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    Length of Residency

    How long have they been resident?

    Approximately 40 million individuals Length of Residency records identifying the length of time a specific address has been occupied by the current occupant.