We are able to provide E-mail addresses at individual property level i.e. the occupants of a specific property. This means that customers are able to target individuals at specific addresses using the wide range of profiling tools.

The targeting options are almost endless, simply select your desired target area using our Google mapping technology, choose the profile you require and select emails available and you will instantly get a live count, select single or multi-use and the emails will be despatched directly to you for distribution. Our proprietary software allows you to create a customised email for distribution, which is then fully tracked and reported from the moment you click send. For more information on acquiring and sending emails, please get in touch.

Our Service

  • Target selection using Google mapping technology
  • Multi profile selection options
  • Same day delivery
  • Single or Multi use
  • Fully compliant opt in emails
  • Fast turnaround and delivery
  • FREE Full tracking and reporting
  • Complimentary email template creation

  • Become a contract customer and SAVE!

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    The Benefits Of Our Email System

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    See your Targets

    use our mapping system

    Our email system uses the same Google mapping system as our direct mail platform. This allows you to draw on a Google map, which then lets you know how many prospects you can target via email.

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    Beautiful Email Designs

    Use templates or design...

    If you don't have artwork prepared, why not let our creative team build your perfect email. With years of experience we can advise on all aspects of your campaign from content to subject lines.

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    Reporting & Tracking

    View Opens..click throughs...

    The benefit of utilising email campaigns through us is the ability to completely track every campaign. This allows you to monitor and alter campaigns according to opens and click throughs.