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Keeping Our Data Clean

As you can imagine, keeping consumer data up to date is an ongoing process. That is why we a continuously updating our data. This is achieved by employing a number of processes. Primarily we use the Data Exchange which receives contributions from data partners, we also utilise several other methods to ensure accuracy for clients (see below)

  • Data is constantly updated
  • A variety of sources used for cleaning
  • Removals and edits are applied within 24 hours
  • Among the cleanest data in the industry
  • Consumer Data
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    Our Core Filters Explained

    Mail Preference Service

    Prevent Unwanted Complaints

    The MPS Consumer File is a list of names and addresses of consumers who have indicated that they do not wish to receive unsolicited direct mail. The MPS file is applied to the data set on a monthly basis, suppressing the names of individuals matched thus ensuring those names cannot be mailed.

    Customer Edit

    Adjust Files Yourself

    The customer edit facility within our web-based software allows individual address files to be flagged (do not mail). This instruction will then automatically appear each time the specific address is sourced by the originating customer ensuring that the name and address of any do not mail request is suppressed from further direct marketing activity of a that specific customer.

    Gone Away

    Updated By The Customer

    We apply several Gone Away Suppression files to our data set including information collated from returns generated by our many users. Using our website and bar code returns management software. Gone ways are captured and amended onto the data on a daily basis.