Door Drop Marketing Campaigns

Door drop marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way to target your market on a geographical and demographic basis. This makes it a particularly popular campaign method with the political and charity sectors. Door drop campaigns can be an extremely effective method for reaching your target audience. For instance, they make an immediate impression, creating brand awareness as well as increasing customer response rates. In turn this gives your organisation a better return on investment (ROI).

Here at Snapmail we can provide a first-class door to door distribution service. We provide our clients with guaranteed delivery by GPS tracked staff throughout the UK. Secondly, Snapmail can also offer some of the lowest rates for door drop distribution due to our network of suppliers and trusted partners.

Distribution Methods

  • Team distribution is the method that uses supervised teams to distribute items by hand to residential letterboxes. Team distribution can be arranged for any day of week.
  • Royal Mail distribution uses the national network of postmen and women and delivers items alongside your daily post. Typically, they are delivered between a Monday & Wednesday of each week.
  • Newshare distribution is the method that uses the freesheet newspaper network to deliver items alongside your local free paper. Typically, they are delivered between Wednesday & Friday of each week.

Understanding Postal Sector level targeting

AB: Postal Area
AB1: Postal District
AB1 2: Postal Sector
AB1 2CD: Postal Postcode

There are 9,300+ Postal Sectors in the UK that contain on average 2,800+ and a total of 26.7m+ letterboxes with which an advertiser can distribute.

If you would like a free postal report for your area, please do not hesitate to contact us either by our contact form or call us onĀ 

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Targeted Door Drops

Incorporating targeted door drops into your campaign allows you to ensure that you reach the right audience in a powerful and cost-efficient way. There are various ways that you can target your audience, for example;

Target by distance

Local businesses such as estate agents, restaurants or takeaway houses are able to target people within a certain distance of their business. You are able to choose from variables such as miles or drive times between you and your customer.

Target by demographic

If you have identified the type of audience you want to reach, you can target customers according to their age, gender, affluence or household type. You are even able to profile your existing customers to help you find prospects just like them.

Target by postcode

Using postcode mapping, you can target specific types of households or customers within different postcode areas including those that are near to your business or right across the UK. This method is based on existing geo-demographic segmentation that are already aggregated.

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