Personalised Direct Mail

Snapmail’s expertise in personalisation helps to maximise your campaign’s ROI

Targeted and Personalised Direct Mail Campaigns

Snapmail have a wealth of experience to maximise your marketing impact using personalised direct mail and communication pieces. In a world of cluttered email inboxes, the trend in communications is turning back towards direct mail. More and more companies now realise the limited success unwanted emails have against increasingly clever spam filters. Research has shown that personalised mail pieces make potential customers feel more valued. A more personal approach is proved to dramatically increases response rates.

The Benefits of Using Personalised Direct Mail

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Quite simply, personalised direct mail will increase the open rates of your mail piece. Potential customers are more likely to open and engage in a mail piece displaying their name as opposed to a generic (“Dear Homeowner”).

Using the name of the planned addressee, you will have immediately grabbed their attention and peaked curiosity. By already having picked them out to receive your offer or promotional material you are some way there to engaging with them. Therefore, hopefully gaining their loyalty and in turn their business.

By personalising the direct mail piece, you have shown an understanding of this particular customer. So, using data from your own CRM or other external tools is a beneficial step in ensuring your mail piece is taken seriously.

Getting personalisation and the mail piece right will not only increase your brand, product or service but also interest. Which is the key purpose of a successful mail campaign.

How to Personalise your Direct Mail Campaign

Personalisation is not simply about adding a name and address to your mail piece. To achieve effective results, it needs to go further and communicate with your target market in order to gain trust and their custom. The key thing to remember with this is whilst new customers are great, your existing customers are also valuable assets. Mailings can be tailored accordingly to whether you are mailing to a brand-new customer or a client who has used you before.

When thinking about personalising your mail piece, here are some key things to consider adding;

Name and address

This goes without saying! As previously mentioned, customers whether new or old will be more likely to open something addressed to them by name.

Product recommendations

Based on their history of custom and their previous purchases. Think of things which can complement past purchases or if they have bought consumables which will need replacing look at the timescales when they may need to buy again.

Pricing range

Offer products or services which are within their budget or are achievable. This will show that you have an understanding of their spending power and are not pushing products which are out of reach or similarly are below standard of their past buys or experiences.

Variable printing imagery

Using images and pictures relevant to the target demographic and which they will find appealing is key and will lift your mail piece to the next level. Look at who you are mailing to and find images which will complement the mail piece.

Personalised offers

Send vouchers or offers relevant to them and which will make them feel unique and incentivise use. You can also use birthdays, anniversaries or other special dates relevant to them as a selling point.

Using facts and figures

Showing comparisons to highlight how your product or service can save them time or money. For example, energy suppliers demonstrate this by promoting energy tariffs and showing potential savings based on usage of similar households.

It is possible to personalise every element of your direct mail campaign. In doing so, it is important to remember that quality of your data is key. In the age of GDPR it is more important than ever to make sure that your data is relevant and regularly cleansed. This will not only ensure your mailing pieces are going to the right people but will also see you maximise on your investment.

We believe key to achieving a successful direct mail campaign is working with our clients to create a tailored mailing aimed at their client base. By giving us the opportunity, Snapmail can fulfil and manage your direct mail campaign from start to finish. Therefore, ensuring we provide the most cost-effective printing and mailing solutions.

For more information on how we can launch your direct mail campaign, please use our contact form or call us today on 020 8492 5858.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, personalising direct mail has been proven to increase engagement and maximise a campaign’s return on investment.

Personalised direct mail isn’t necessarily more expensive than a regular direct mail campaign. The price depends on the materials used and the number of mailings. We use the most cost-effective methods to deliver personalised direct mail and will find a solution to suit your budget.

Yes, we can support you in the strategy and planning of your personalised direct mail. We can help you choose the most effective type of personalisation in order to achieve your campaign objectives and can also help with data management with a free audit of your data. As well as planning and printing, we have the capabilities to manage the entire campaign including postage, fulfilment and tracking.

Not necessarily! If you have GDPR compliant data ready to use, then we can get to work on creating your personalised direct mail. Our high-tech printing equipment and software can effectively and efficiently produce personalised mailers. In fact, we can print up to 30,000 postcards an hour.

Yes, we use market-leading XMPie software to add personalised imagery, barcodes and QR codes, so that customers are linked directly to your website.