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Innovation Of Direct Mail

Welcome to the innovation of direct mail! Those of you who have followed my posts recently, will know that I have been communicating the history and culture of using the postal system. I think it’s also important to report the evolution of post, and the innovative and clever ways people now use this medium. These 2 examples are testament of this. To celebrate World Water Day, the organisation’s direct mail campaign aimed to demonstrate the importance of water, and how precious it is. The direct mail communiqué sent out to the media and targeted recipients only appeared when the reader held it under water. This innovative piece of direct mail achieved its goals and went viral across social media, raising the awareness for World Water Day. Pure genius! To promote their chocolate bar, Kit Kat Chunky, Nestlé came up with a brilliant example of direct mail, a free bar. Using a Royal Mail style ‘we’re sorry we couldn’t deliver your parcel’ personalised card through targeted consumer’s doors, under the pretence ‘it was too chunky to fit through the letterbox’. The campaign encouraged the consumer to collect their free chocolate bar from the local newsagent. This clever mail piece couldn’t have been more unequivocal, but promoting the chocolate bar’s ‘chunkiness’ saw a surge in sales. An absolute masterclass of a campaign!

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