Direct Mail

Royal Mail Removes Middle Tier From Their Postal Sortation

Royal Mail have removed the middle tier, OCR from their postal sortation, and now only offer two options: Mailmark and High Sort.

To achieve optimum postal discounts, your data should qualify for MailMark. If data does not qualify, you could be faced with increased costs of between £0.3p and £0.5p per item.

To help make sure your data qualifies, we are currently offering a FREE no obligation data audit where we will:

● Identify the number of duplicates at different levels (Individual / Surname / Address)
● Identify how many Deceased records and Goneaways are in your data
● Identify how many have moved with no forwarding address
● Identify how many have moved and a new address is available
● Identify if a business has moved or ceased Trading

Our FREE, no obligation data audit could save you big money on your next mailing!

How to make sure my data qualifies for mailing discounts?

Before embarking on any mailing, it’s important to check that your data is of a high quality. 

This not only helps to improve ROI and results, but is also the only way you can send mailings using some services.
The easiest way to ensure your data qualifies for a mailing is to get a data cleanse or data audit. 

As part of the many data services we can do for clients, we are currently offering a FREE data audit with absolutely no obligation to do any further work with us.

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