7 Postcard Marketing Tips for Your Business

Simple and to the point, postcard marketing is a great way to get your business in front of the right people. But how do you make the most of your postcard marketing? We have the answers, so keep reading to discover our top postcard marketing tips for your business.

postcard marketing

What is a Postcard?

A postcard is a type of direct mail used to target and engage with an intended audience. In terms of design, they are usually close to A5 in size, made of card and can be single or double-sided. They usually don’t have envelopes, making them an extremely visual and effective marketing tool, making an impact as soon as they are posted through a door. 

7 Tips for Great Postcard Marketing

Want to know how to maximise the potential of your postcard direct mail? Follow our 7 postcard marketing tips for your business to create a successful campaign. 

1. Bold & Clear Headline

Your postcard direct mail needs to grab the attention of the receiver as well as clearly outline what your product or service is. Research carried out by the DMA shows that 65% of mail recipients were likely to give mail their full potential, versus 35% for email. It is therefore important that customers can understand your brand and the key message from the first glance of your postcard marketing.     

2. Personalisation

Adding an aspect of personalisation to your direct mail postcard is a great tip to increasing its engagement rate and thus its success, whether that be sign-ups to a service or direct purchases. Personalisation in the form of the receivers name, their latest purchase information or recommendations based on their last purchase, for example, can make them feel special and a valued customer. This strengthens a customer experience as well as supporting a positive customer and brand relationship. 

Research shows that personalised postcard direct mail can also result in the uplift of KPIs. According to Adweek, personalisation efforts are reported to boost revenues by up to 15%!

3. Clear, Eye-Catching Imagery

Your postcard direct mail needs to be visual. It needs to stop the receiver from flicking through their mail and look at your postcard. It’s therefore important to choose your imagery carefully and understand the purpose the imagery is serving, which is to grab attention and also clearly explain what the postcard is about. The imagery you choose needs to compliment your headline and also be of high quality.

4. Offer or Promotion 

A great postcard marketing tip for a successful campaign is to give an offer or promotion, that is exclusive to those receiving the direct mail. Not only does this make the mailer measurable (more on this later), but it also makes the consumer feel valued and that they are receiving an exclusive offer. 

The offer needs to be clearly visible and not lost in the rest of the postcard, as it will act as further encouragement for the consumer to take action. The promotion needs to be attractive in its offering and not undercut any other promotion you might have running. 

5. Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is perhaps the most important successful postcard marketing tip for your business. It clearly directs and instructs the consumer to do something and can be the sole reason that makes each postcard convert and your campaign receive a good ROI. 

Make sure your CTA is short and to the point. Whether you’re directing the consumer to visit your website, claim their offer, visit a store or call you, don’t forget to add it to your postcard direct mail.

6. Contact Information 

Adding your contact information can often be overlooked, but it is an important aspect of a postcard. Including your logo and key contact details such as your website, store address, phone number, email and social media handles are key to giving your brand legitimacy and encouraging consumers to find out more about you and therefore creating brand awareness.

7. Track Performance 

How will you know your postcard marketing campaign is a success if you don’t track its performance against measurable KPIs? Direct mail performance can be more difficult to track, especially compared to email and digital marketing efforts, but it is possible! 

How you measure your postcard will depend on your overall aim and KPIs. Here are some key ways you can measure conversions in postcard marketing: 

QR codes

Using unique QR codes will enable you to track and measure conversions. 

Exclusive promotional code

Providing an exclusive promotional code will also mean you can measure conversions. If only the people receiving the postcard have the code, then you’ll know that anyone who redeemed the offer were from those who received the postcard campaign. Using one time use unique promotional codes, which is when each consumer receives a different code, is also a great way to ensure the code doesn’t go viral and allows for better performance tracking. 

Unique URL

A unique URL means that only those with the link can access the page, allowing you to track performance. 

Phone number tracking

Phone number tracking software is available that can identify unique phone numbers that are associated with your postcard campaign. 

Create a Successful Postcard Marketing Campaign

At Snapmail, we can support your entire postcard marketing campaign for your business. From initial campaign planning and strategy, data management and through to printing, mail fulfilment and tracking, see how we can save you time and money on direct mail. 

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