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Bulk Postage Explained

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Your direct mail is ready to go and you’re looking at different types of postage. Bulk postage is often mentioned, but do you really know the ins and outs? Read on to discover bulk postage fully explained.


What is Bulk Postage?

Bulk postage is used when you want to send large volumes of mail (over 500 units) to different addresses, usually as part of a marketing campaign. It is a much more cost-effective method of posting items as opposed to using stamps or franking – which are ever-increasing in price.

By sending mail in bulk you can therefore benefit from bulk postage, which is effectively a cheaper postage rate.

Wondering how we get the cheapest bulk postage rates? We send high volumes of mail on behalf of our clients every year and by working closely with Downstream Access Providers (DSAs), we can ensure the best prices for you.


Can Anyone Access Bulk Postage Rates? 

Yes, anyone can access bulk postage rates with us as long as you have a minimum of 500 mailings to be posted. We work across multiple industries with varying sized businesses sending one-off, monthly or weekly mailings.


What are the Benefits of Bulk Postage?

Bulk postage holds multiple benefits to you and your business.


The more you send, the more you save, making bulk postage a very cost-effective method. Save money and use it in other areas of your business or marketing strategy.

Save Time

When you use Snapmail to process your mail and bulk postage, you will be saving valuable time and effort that can be focused elsewhere.

Increase Reach

The more direct mail you send out, the more people you will reach, thus increasing your overall brand awareness.


What Requirements are there for Bulk Postage?

Bulk postage requires you to send at least 500 items in one go to different addresses. With Snapmail, you can send standard letters up to a packet weighing 1kg.


How Can I Find Out Bulk Postage Rates?

At Snapmail, our most common bulk postage rates include:

Standard Letter (0-100g) x 1,000 units = £460.00 (Royal Mail = £650.00)

Large Letter (0-100g) x 5,000 units = £4,000.00 (Royal Mail = £4,400.00)

Packet (up to 1kg) x 500 units = £1,370.00 (Royal Mail = £1,500.00)

As seen above, our bulk postage options offer a discounted price on Royal Mail.

If you want to calculate the specific price of your bulk postage than use our Bulk Postage Calculator. Here, you can choose your mail type and weight, the number of units and then calculate the bulk postage price. We’ll also show you the amount you’ll save when using us. Start calculating your cost of postage now.