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How Direct Mail Can Help Car Dealerships

direct mail

There’s always something happening at a car dealership. A valued £186.4 billion industry in the UK, current and prospecting customers will always need to be informed of some type of marketing message. Whether that be new vehicles available, fleet upgrade opportunities, service and MOT offers and reminders or safety advice throughout the seasons. 

Car dealerships want to drive sales through these marketing messages and can do so effectively in the form of sending brochures, newsletters and flyers to their target audience, all of which are forms of direct mail. Keep reading to see how direct mail can help car dealerships connect with their customers and drive sales. 

What is direct mail?

Direct mail is a type of advertising, typically used within a marketing campaign, that is physically printed material and literature delivered to the targeted recipient through the postal system.  

What is the effectiveness of direct mail? 

The effectiveness of direct mail for car dealerships can be immense, and proves to be improving! A recent study shows that consumers engaged with 91% of all direct mail in 2019, which then increased to 96% in 2020. In addition, 70% of people in a study carried out by MarketReach, said that direct mail makes them feel more valued than email, showing how direct mail can be used to improve customer relationships, brand awareness and ultimately lead to more sales. 

Not only that but the Data & Marketing Association state that car dealerships are one of the best industries for direct mail. 

How can direct mail help car dealerships?

There are therefore multiple ways in which direct mail can be beneficial to car dealerships. 

Most cost-effective than other advertising channels

With the increased cost of advertising online, many organisations are finding that direct mail is actually a more cost-effective marketing tool. Email and online advertising are also overly saturated, meaning the use of direct mail can place a car dealership ahead of the competition in the eyes of the customer. 

Bulk postage rate & discounts

When you use a mailer house to help with your direct mail campaign, such as Snapmail, you can benefit from bulk postage rates as well as other postage discounts. Bulk postage rates work by saving you money with the more items you send. Check out our Bulk Postage Calculator here.  

Stand out from the competition

Direct mail can get your car dealership in front of the eyes of your customers! We all receive multiple (even hundreds!) marketing emails every day and often press delete straight away. Research shows that 45% of direct mail stays in the home for over 4 weeks, increasing its lifecycle dramatically, as well as giving the opportunity for other household members and visitors to see the mailer. 


Direct mail gives the opportunity to send a totally personalised and targeted mailer to your audience. Whether that includes their name or their vehicle make and colour, it’s been found that 35% of personalised direct mail is more likely to drive a sale

How Snapmail can support your car dealership direct mail campaign

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