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How Can Using A Mailshot Company Save You Time And Money?


Does your company regularly send out mailshots? You might want to consider outsourcing the job instead to save yourself considerable time and money. Mailshot companies represent an ideal way for your business to cut down on its manpower requirements and to slash its operational costs so that you can reap even higher profits. If you’re wondering how outsourcing to a mailing house can reduce your business’ expenditure and improve your efficiency, read on to learn more.

Reducing Your Business Costs

Handling mailshots can prove to be very expensive when you deal with them yourself. The costs involved in posting out your own direct mail can be surprisingly extensive. Not only do you need to pay for paper, printing, envelopes and postage, you also need to factor in the cost of staff needed to do the job. While staff are working on mailshot campaigns, they aren’t working on other business-crucial tasks and that can cost you dearly in the long-run in terms of productivity. If you need to bring in additional employees to work on a large mailshot campaign, it will cost you even more.

Outsourcing to a mailshot company, on other hand, can massively reduce those costs. A mailing house can offer you large savings on consumables, printing and on postage itself thanks to its ability to bulk buy and pass the discount onto customers. As you only need to pay for their services as and when required, you’ll also be able to save on the cost of hiring in extra temporary workers to cover major campaigns while your existing team won’t need to work overtime but will be able to focus on more important tasks to grow your business, increasing your profits exponentially.

Saving You Time

If you usually handle your mailshots yourself, you’ll know just how much time it takes to handle a campaign from start to finish. From designing the letters and envelopes to printing and then packaging up envelopes and addressing them, the whole process is a very time-consuming one. You have a lot to do when it comes to keeping your business running, so it makes sense to focus all your time and efforts on operations that are essential to this element of your organisation. Outsourcing your mailshot campaigns to professional mailshot companies frees you up to concentrate on key business tasks, doing all of the hard work for you.

Even better, outsourcing to a mailing company helps you avoid the onerous task of hiring new employees to tackle the operation in-house and saves you the effort of having to train them up to do the job properly. Using a mailing house to deal with this aspect of your business means that you’re relying on experts with years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the industry, so you can be confident that the task is in the hands of true professionals.

Should I Outsource to a Mailshot Company?

For many businesses, mailshot campaigns are a vital element of their marketing strategy. However, they are also a drain on your business’ time and resources. If you outsource all your direct mail needs to our professional mailing house, you can benefit from an all-in-one solution to all your mailing needs, and since we’re experts in the field, you can have the complete peace of mind that comes with knowing your campaign is in very safe hands.

If your business is interested in launching a mailshot campaign, or would like more information on mailshots, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our mailing experts via phone or email. Alternatively you can use the contact form below for any enquiries.