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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Mailing House?

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Are you looking for a more effective and efficient way to handle your company’s mailing services? Then a professional mailing house should be your first port of call. Looking after all your postage, mail and print-related services, you can be confident that an experienced mailing company can offer a host of benefits to your business, especially in the handling of all your direct mail marketing needs.

A professional mailing company doesn’t just send out mail on your company’s behalf. It also offers a fully outsourced solution so businesses can take advantage of printing services too. So how can direct mail services help your organisation to save money and manpower?

Benefit From Lower Costs And Bulk Postage Rates

When you use a mailing house, the postage costs you’ll incur will be substantially lower. This is because a mailing company can offer a discounted rate on direct mail both inside the UK and overseas as well as on parcels, packets, brochures, leaflets and catalogues. Even better, a mailing house can not only save you money via bulk postage, it can also reduce the amount you spend on consumables such as paper, ink and envelopes since they buy in bulk and then pass the savings onto clients.

Outsourcing Saves Time And Money

When you outsource your direct mail needs to a professional mailing house you can save time and money. The monthly fee for an outsourced mail team will be much cheaper than hiring in-house staff who would demand a salary as well as employee benefits. Also, packing, printing and designing packages and envelopes yourself is time-consuming. You can save yourself all that time and effort by using a mailing company to get the job done, freeing you up for more important business-essential tasks. Importantly, outsourcing this work also enables your mail to be sent out more rapidly thanks to the efficient and lean processes used by mailing houses to deliver their time-saving benefits.

A More Accurate Result

Since mailing companies use machinery when carrying out automated tasks like folding letters, enclosing them in envelopes and adding addresses, a more accurate result can be achieved. A machine will inevitably minimise the possibility of human error while carrying out the work much more rapidly. Better accuracy means a better-targeted mailing campaign, reduced waste and better customer service.

Mailing houses have access to systems and tools that check data and remove deceased and duplicate records. These systems also validate field accuracy and can even sort the mail into walksort order to create even more discounts on the cost of postage.

A Flexible Contract

Usually, professional mailing companies offer customers a flexible contract. This means you’ll be able to use the service whenever necessary, ramping up and ramping down flexibility as required. If there’s a major direct mail campaign that you have to roll out quickly, you can use the mailing house’s team to accommodate those requirements. If you had to handle it in-house, your existing staff may need to be paid for overtime to get the job done, or you may even need to take on temporary additional staff members at high cost.

Benefitting From Expert Services

The staff that work at a professional mailing house all have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry. They can therefore find the best services and rates to save your business money. They can also supply helpful tips and hints derived from years of working in the sector.

Using A Mailing House To Improve Your Business

Whatever your mailing needs, if you outsource your requirements to a mailing company you can save your business money and manpower while also achieving a more accurate and speedy result. Contact our expert team today to find out more about how our mailing service can benefit you.