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Which Companies Use Direct Mail?


Which Notable Companies Use Direct Mail?

There are a number of large, notable companies that use direct mail to advertise their services. Some of these companies include:



For over 15 years Google has used direct mail to expand their marketing efforts offline, reaching the most number of people. Google has taken a few different approaches over the years, using pictures of people in the early years, and then changing the design as time went on. Most often Google uses posters and leaflets in their direct mail, with one from 2020 even having a snapshot of what Google Ads look like in the search results. 



Amazon has employed a number of different direct mail tactics over the years. One of which was sending letters to Prime members who had yet to use any of the video services that are offered with the subscription. This was done to encourage people to make use of what they are already paying for, which would make them happier with what they have purchased, keeping them as a customer. 

As well as this, Amazon have also sent out a holiday catalogue that has fun activities for kids such as puzzles and stickers. All this while still advertising toys that they sell on their website. 



You might have seen leaflets come through your door from Uber and these are a perfect example of their direct mail marketing. They have also used postcards advertising money off when you use their services, as well as included QR codes to redeem special promotions on the website if they don’t want to download the app.

Things like this entice people and spur them into action. Uber has been using direct mail for many years, and is known for using simple direct mail that advertises the service and a discount.


What Types Of Companies Use Direct Mail?

Due to the variety of purpose, a range of companies use direct mail in order to further their advertising efforts. In fact, all industries can benefit from this one way or another as there is always something to tell people about. Companies in the accounting industry can advertise their new advisory or bookkeeping service. Companies in the catering industry can advertise their new business event offerings, and so on.

Even B2B businesses can make use of direct mail. Remember that not all mail goes to residential properties, and many B2B businesses make use of this marketing tactic. For example, you could send a campaign advertising your business’ new payroll software program to companies that might find this useful – so, just about every company with employees! The secret then becomes finding a high quality mailing lists of targets. 

As long as you have checked and double checked your mailing list to ensure that your advertisements are heading to the right place, any B2B business can reap the benefits of direct mail.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now know more about which companies, and which types of companies use direct mail.


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